Maximizing the beauty and health of your lawn requires more than cutting and watering. JR‘S Landscaping experienced technicians have designed the best combination for optimal results. Our Jackpot 5 Step Organic Based Program will ensure you achieve your desired results.  

Advantage of Jackpot Organic Based Fertilizer

  • Jackpot is low impact and better for the environment.
  • Jackpot can be applied to any type of grass, at any time of the year with no risk of burn when used as directed.
  • Preserves water quality through recycling and reusing valuable nutrients.
  • Jackpot is consistent, reliable, quick to respond, and long lasting.
  • Since Jackpot is organic based, its a safe alternative for your family and pets to conventional fertilizers.    

Additional Recommended Services for Best Results

Aeration: Aeration reduces soil compaction and thatch buildup, allowing water and oxygen to move freely through the lawns root system for improved root development. 

Overseeding: Overseeding contributes to a thicker and healthier lawn. 

Lime: Application of lime keeps your soil’s acidity at an optimal level, which yields better growing conditions for your turf.